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Assign Amazon Identifiers to your Web Store Products. Validate Amazon IDs to live Amazon Site data.
Amazon Listing Application

Search live Amazon Categories for your Products. Find Amazon IDs and check live Amazon Seller Prices.
Amazon Search Application
Diversify Sales to Amazon
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Assign Amazon IDs to your Web Store Products

Search Live Amazon Site to Review Competing Seller Pricing

Assign Amazon ID, Price, Condition, Shipping Options and Comments to your Web Store products. You match your products to the same products on Amazon.

You sell on Amazon in a Reverse Auction where all sellers for a product post their offering price. Use the integrated Amazon Search Tool to identify your products on Amazon, review competing offering prices and decide on your own prices.

All Amazon data shown is live, current information.

Automatically generate Amazon Inventory Loader files you upload through your Amazon Pro Merchant seller account to get your web store products on Amazon quickly.

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